[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023] Chen Xuyuan "went in", then what?

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Overnight, the word "front" must be added to Chen Xuan's title of...

Overnight, the word "front" must be added to Chen Xuan's title of "President of the China Football Association." Most of the audience's deep memories of Cheonseoleon can change from 'foot dance' to 'tears behind the iron bar'. . And when the storm of Chinese football reform reached the top level of the Football Association, the question arose. Because Chen Xuyan came in?

[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023] Chen Xuyuan "went in", then what?

The wind originates from "iron".

The wind originates from "iron". On November 26, 2022, according to the website of the Hubei Provincial Supervision and Administration Commission, former China men's national soccer team coach Li Tie was charged with serious misconduct and is now being supervised. Disciplinary Supervision and Supervision Group of the Central Disciplinary Investigation Commission, the State Supervision Commission of the General Administration of Sports and the Hubei Provincial Supervision Commission.

Details were not reported, but some media reported that Ri Chul was reported as his real name when he was the manager of the Chinese Super League. "It shouldn't be trivial," emotionally told ChinaNews.com, a senior football figure who did not want to be named. Li Tie thus became the first head coach of the Chinese men's national soccer team under investigation. Since then, the words "pick up the carrot and take out the dirt" always appear next to Li Tie's name and his imprisonment.

Data Map: Chen Xuyan and Liu Yi. Image source: China Football Association

"Expectations" were not fulfilled. About two months later, on January 19, 2023, according to the Disciplinary Supervision Group of the General Administration of Sports, Liu Yi, member of the 11th Executive Committee of the Chinese Football Association and former general secretary, and deputy general secretary, and Chen Yunlian, head of the national team administration department, were charged with serious legal violations. It is under investigation by the Disciplinary Inspection and Control Group of the Central Disciplinary Control Commission and the National Control Commission and National Commission of the State Sports Administration. For the national security of Tajikistan. Hubei Provincial Control Commission. Since then, the 'expectation' for 'muddy water' has spread to controversy over whether there is a 'big thing'.

It can truly be considered a storm before the "big fish" emerge from the water. Although Liu Yi worked "behind the scenes" for a long time, he joined the Football Association around the same time as Chen Xuyan and is always referred to as Chen Xuyan's partner.

Another 'anti-corruption storm' is coming

Chen Yunliang's name has already been mentioned repeatedly in an anti-gambling storm over soccer crimes 13 years ago. According to public reports, Chen Yunliang had a close relationship with Li Dongsheng, who was in charge of judicial affairs. Back in 2012, Li Dongsheng was sentenced to nine years in prison for bribery and corruption and was convicted of multiple offenses. With the appointment of such a sensitive person as Chen Yunliang to an important position in the Football Association, it is not surprising that the window of public opinion was aimed at Chen Xuyan.

Photo courtesy of Chen Xuyan. Source: China Football Association.

"The bigger the wind and the waves, the more expensive the fish." This classic line has been positively and negatively affirmed in the sports world lately. On the evening of the 14th, it was reported that Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the China Football Association and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, was accused of serious violations of discipline and the law. , is currently under investigation by the Investigation Control Group of the Central Discipline Commission and the National Control Commission of the National Sports Bureau. and Hubei Provincial Supervisory Commission.

Larger fish were pulled from the net as a "flop". As if the wind had blown enough so far, people's eyes fell back on the green field behind 'Big Fish' and 'Carrot', but what about after that? Will there be bigger fish later? Homeopathy to get rid of more dirt? Or will the wind blow through the green grass and Chinese football will come down and return? Followers guess.

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