[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023] Technological innovation for high-quality development

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Nanyao Island in Shantou, Guangdong has received dozens of experts and scientist...

Nanyao Island in Shantou, Guangdong has received dozens of experts and scientists, including more than 10 scholars. On this beautiful island surrounded by blue waters, academics and experts focus on basic scientific research, debate and exchange ideas on international scientific disciplines and key strategic needs.

[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023] Technological innovation for high-quality development

After conducting field research, the reporter found that Shantou, one of the first special economic zones in our country, has the opportunity to host the South Australian Science Conference to accelerate the collection of innovation resources and accelerate the construction of a national innovation city. And "the source of living water" "for high-quality assimilation.

The best platforms will increase your “pool of talent and wisdom.”

After the opening ceremony of the South Australian Scientific Conference, academics and experts participating in the conference watched the introduction of several major basic and applied research projects in Guangdong on the spot and exchanged ideas on scientific research fields. Interdisciplinary problem. During the conference, many academics and experts studied region-specific fields such as offshore wind power, marine biomedicine and marine fisheries, helping Shantou learn practical ways to combine regional development needs with the achievements of scientific research groups.

The conference was sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shantou People's Government and hosted by the Guangdong Fundamental and Applied Research Fund Committee and the Guangdong-Israel Institute of Technology. According to the organizers, the overall level of basic research in Guangdong has been steadily improving in recent years, and the purpose of organizing the South Australian Scientific Conference is to further improve the overall environment and create a favorable environment for the qualitative development of basic research in Guangdong. conditions. It is an important platform for academic exchange in basic research with international impact.

Gong Xingao, dean of the Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said he would work with relevant departments to hone the "golden mark" of the South Australian Science Conference and create "resources". Treasure". A house that contributes to society by gathering talent and wisdom"

The South Australian Scientific Conference is held four to six times a year, each lasting no more than three days and attended by 25 to 50 experts. The main format of the session is a topic report, special report, and free discussion, and the free discussion time should be more than 1/2 of the total meeting time.

Some participating experts and scientists believe that such a high-level international and professional communication platform will help enhance the region's ability to gather high-quality innovation resources and academic influence, and long-term sustainability can effectively promote scientific and technological innovation. I believe. top quality. - Quality development.

Chen Xianghui, Professor of Physics at University of Science and Technology of China and scholar of Chinese science and culture, said that by establishing an effective form of conference and convening more scientists, the scientific research capacity of Chaoshan region, especially Shantou, can be improved. Chan Kai, a researcher at the Institute of Semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Sciences and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also said that after scientists come to Shantou, Shantou can help them understand the direction of development and solve certain problems. field. It also helps create a better innovation environment in Shantou.

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