[fovoritedrstore 2023] The new coach of the national football team will not serve concurrently

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The Asian men's football Asian Games team departed from its base in Shanshui...

The Asian men's football Asian Games team departed from its base in Shanshui District, Foshan City on a China Southern Airlines flight at 3:35 pm Beijing time. Departure from Guangzhou and flight to Dubai UAE The night before the team departed to practice and warm up, Jankovic, current Asian Games national team coach of Serbia, as candidate for the new Chinese men's soccer team coach, Xu Genbao, Shen Xiangpu Xiangfu) and Wei Kexing were interviewed by technology groups. Expert Training Committee Yankovic's coaching abilities were finally unanimously recognized by a group of experts.

[fovoritedrstore 2023] The new coach of the national football team will not serve concurrently

However, he still has to go through a rigorous process to see if he can take over as coach of the national soccer team. Of course, if Yankovic insists on coaching the national team, the Chinese Football Association will select another foreign teacher to lead the Asian Games men's team instead of placing Yankovic in the second position. Interviews by a panel of experts are also accepted.

Jankovic was the first candidate.

As scheduled, the Chinese men's Asian national football team, which finished the Foshan field training single game at this stage, will play a match against Dandong Tengwe (2nd division champion), a Chinese team that has just been promoted in the 2023 season on the afternoon of the 13th. ).After teaching just one game at this stage of China's B) Foshan training camp last season, he traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to train and warm up. On the night after the warm-up, the Chinese Football Association held a special meeting to select national soccer coaches at the national team's accommodation.

It is understood that the China Football Association has embarked on a quest to carry out the restructuring of the Chinese men's football team as soon as possible and fully cooperate in preparing the team for the 2026 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers. Since the second half of last year, he has been active as the team's new foreign coach. In this process, due to factors such as the willingness to cooperate between the Chinese Football Association and the grand prize applicants. Collaboration Pricing Collaboration Concepts and Objectives Choosing a coach is not smooth. And a popular candidate like Queiroz couldn't have been there. Until the Chinese New Year, the selection of coaches did not make much progress. Considering the urgency of preparing the national football team, the Chinese Football Association decided to internally mine domestic football resources and recruit coaches. As one of the foreign candidate coaches, Janković became the favourite, or first favourite.

Chen Yang and Zheng Zhi were invited to recruit coaches for review.

The Chinese Football Association held a coaching meeting at the Foshan Asian Games training ground. Conduct the necessary interviews with Janković according to the rules and procedures. In order to meet the requirements and rigor of coach selection, the Chinese Football Association invited several technical committees or coaching experts, such as Xu Jianbo, Shen Xiangpu, and Wei Kexing, as "inspectors" to hold coaching interviews. Zhi Zhi, representing two young coaches who are active in the forefront of domestic professional football coaching and have previously joined the national football team, participated in the coach selection.

The new head coach of the national football team does not act simultaneously.

Given the circumstances of the meeting, the expert group had a fairly unanimous opinion about Jankovic's coaching abilities, but all coach selections had to go through a different rigorous process. Followed from start to finish, whether or not Janković will finally become the new head coach of the national football team will be announced via official channels after the proceedings are over.

If Yankovic insists on coaching the national team, it is highly likely that the Chinese Football Association will appoint another foreign coach as a reserve coach, as he will not be able to handle the two challenges in terms of energy and will continue to coach the Asian Games national team. Whoever leads the Asian Games team, they must accept professional evaluation and interview from the Chinese Football Association according to the procedure. Prior to the tournament results, Yankovic continues to focus on leading the Asian Games men's team, leading the team's training and warm-up as usual in the UAE.

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