[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023] Gansu Tongwei "big windmill" transfers real money

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Recently, a "large factory" in Huaxin, Tongwei, Dinxi City, Gansu Prov...

Recently, a "large factory" in Huaxin, Tongwei, Dinxi City, Gansu Province has become more "labor-friendly" than in previous years.

[FOVORITEDRSTORE 2023]  Gansu Tongwei "big windmill" transfers real money

"When the fans come back, we can earn 1 yuan." "This mill can turn and make money. It's really a windblown property." Star"... Residents of the village of Huacialing, Tongwei Province looked around and talked about windmills.

How did the turbulent storm in Huajalin, described by the artist, become real money in the hands of ordinary people?

In 2012, the National Energy Administration was appointed to help Tongwei, and after investigation and research, wind resources were selected here.

Xu Jun, an employee of the National Energy Administration, member of the Gansu Tongwei Provincial Party Standing Committee and deputy administrator, said: "We knew that wind energy resources here are very rich, so we adjusted the energy supply. The construction company Participate in energy resource projects.

In 2012, the first wind turbine was successfully installed in Huajialing, the first wind farm started in Longzhong, and since then the "windmill" has been operating in Tongwei Province. Silver windmills stand all over the mountains above Liangmao, and the stably rotating blades dance with the wind like cranes, and the clean electrical energy they produce is transmitted by power cables from west to east through the power grid. The spring winds of energy revolution are blowing in the land of Tongwei.

Since 2012, 419 large wind turbines have been connected to the grid in Tongwei province, with an installed capacity of 1.1 million kilowatts.

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